A Buyer’s Guide to Get Best Walking Canes for Men and Women

Walking canes for men and women are considered one of the first mobility aids if someone has trouble walking or experienced surgery or injury. The right can offer support for improving your body balance, compensating for the weaker side of the body, and relieving pressure on the joints. Apart from this, canes also reduce any potential risk of falling and thus helps you steadily sit or stand.

Now, the question is, how will you choose the right cane? Ofcourse, it’s not a wand from Harry Potter that will choose you. So you must make a few considerations and then make a purchase. The market is filled with many walking canes for women and men, so choosing the right one can be a confusing and daunting task. Here, we will outline every consideration you must make before purchasing. The very first question you should ask yourself is

Do I really need a walking cane?

Before you buy the right walking cane, it is important to check if a cane is actually the best mobility aid for you. For that, you must know what benefits these canes offer. So let us check them out:

Since canes solely offer support to one side of the body, it is best suited for:

  • People who are recovering from surgery on one side, such as a hip or leg;
  • Individuals recovering from a stroke;
  • People with an injury or disability that only affects one side of the body;
  • Patients with back pain;
  • People who have arthritis in the ankles, knees, hips, or back;
  • Individuals who seek a little extra support for balance and stability;

These are a few conditions where you can go for canes as a mobility option. However, if you have major balance issues or your total body weight needs support, a better mobility option should be a wheelchair, walker, or rollator. Now that you have made up your mind let us see the factors that need consideration before buying.

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Factors to consider before buying walking canes

Once you have made a decision that a cane is quite helpful, it is time to buy one. To narrow down your search for the right cane, you must consider the material, design, handle, cane type, weight, height, the capacity you will actually need. Let us talk about each factor in detail:

1. Cane types

Currently, there are different types of canes available. We will primarily discuss the top three types.

Single Tip Cane: One of the most standard types of cane is a single tip cane. The name suggests a single tip that offers additional stability to the body by equally distributing weight over a single point. This is sufficient support for people with minor mobility problems trying to weigh off an injury or arthritis.

Quad Tip Cane: A quad top cane happens to be a better option for people who require more support than a single tip cane can offer. This type distributes the body weight across four points instead of just one, thus offering greater stability and balance. Though the quad-tip cane seems bulky, it has the capacity of standing on its own and is more likely to speed up your steadiness and reduce the risk of a fall. If you happen to be recovering from a stroke or have balance issues, this is something you can go with.

Folding Cane: A folding or collapsible cane is a cane that is convenient to store and highly ideal if you are frequently on the go. As it folds up smaller, they don’t take up much space when not in use. Usually, they are often single tip canes, but you can get a quad-top folding cane if needed.

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2. Handle Types

When you are looking for a cane, it is better to consider the type of handle you would want and be the most comfortable with. Some of them are:

Round: One of the most classic styles of handles around can handle that resembles somewhat a shepherd’s crook. You can hook this on a chair or a doorknob when not in use, as this has a simple design. It also has an aesthetic appeal.

Offset: Offset cane handles are usually positioned over the length of the shaft via a bend in the cane shaft. Thanks to its design, the cane distributes the body weight evenly and the rubber tip. In addition, they are usually padded to reduce stress in the wrist and thus offer a comfortable grip.

Derby: Derby handles are thick and curved, making it another classic style. It also happens to be one of the first handles to be created. These handles have an easy grip and offer comfort to the users, making them suitable for people with arthritis.

Knob: If you seek stylish and sophisticated options, knob handles are the best canes as they look like an elegant accessory and offer amazing comfort to the palm.

Ergonomic: Typically, the ergonomic handles are designed for easy holding and reduce hand and shock fatigue. If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, its design is ideal.

3. Height

After you have chosen the type and handle, the last thing is to ensure the cane you are considering buying can accommodate your height. If a cane is too tall or too short, it is uncomfortable to use and less stable and supportive when compared to a properly-sized cane.

These are some of the factors that affect your purchase of walking canes for men and women.


When you buy walking canes for men and women, it can be quite confusing and stressful, especially if it is your first time needing a mobilization aid. We hope this guide gave you some insight into choosing canes.


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