Everything you should know about Walking Canes

Walking canes or sticks help you balance and distribute the bodyweight to your arms. Using them properly seems like an easy matter, however many are still not aware of how to use them properly, which might cause problems in the future. So be it walking canes for men or women, you have to follow a few guidelines to make sure you are not running into any issues while using it. You don’t want to run into another problem while fixing one, and improperly using them will cause discomfort in other body parts.

Positioning the cane at the right height is one of the most important things to start with when you have started using the stick. Leveling the cane at the hip bone is considered a suitable way of holding it. In this position, your body would make a 20-degree bend. It should make sure that the walking stick should not be too long as it might cause issues in your shoulder or wrist area. Also, if it is too short, the body turns to lean too heavily on the cane, which might cause another problem. Since the walking stick should be used as walking assistance, you should not rely on it to pull all of your body weight on it.

Here we will talk about how to hold the walking stick or cane in different positions not to become a reason for your body pain. In the future, we will discuss how to hold the stick in a normal position while sitting on a chair and while climbing stairs. Keep reading to find out the best use of walking canes for women and men.

How to hold a walking cane while walking?

Most cane users assume that it goes on the same side as the injured leg; however, you should be using it to grip the opposite side. This is because your walking stick should always be on your good side, thereby helping you shift more of your body weight to the stronger side of the body. So, choosing the accurate hand to hold the walking stick.

Suppose you have a bad right leg or an injured one; you should be holding the stick in your left hand. It is because the purpose of the walking stick is to equally distribute the pressure onto your good side, which is your uninjured part. So, as you keep walking, the weaker leg comes forward then you can plant the cane in front of it. Ideally, it should be around 5.1cms ahead of you.

In easy words, you should simultaneously move the walking stick forward to be in a position where you can properly assist your bad leg to shift its weight and walk forward. In this setup, your injured leg and walking cane will equally share the load without causing much pain.

How to use a walking cane for sitting on a chair?

People often forget while using a walking cane to move the stick while sitting down properly. It can be tricky because it is quite tempting to drop into the chair to avoid the additional pain on the hurting leg rather than making a controlled movement.

Here are some movements you should follow before sitting on a chair-

  • Position yourself properly in front of the chair to ensure that you are maintaining a balance.
  • You should face forward so that the back of your legs touches the chair; even if you are losing stability at this point, you will undoubtedly fall into the right spot.
  • If the chair has a normal rest, you should be placing the hand of your weakest side there and then hold the stick on your strongest side and slowly lower yourself to sit on the chair.
  • If the chair is devoid of an armrest, try to grip one side of the seat until and unless this makes you feel unsteady, and if you are unsure, you can always ask for help.
  • For getting up from the chair, place the cane at the side, and it should be as close as possible. Use your hand resting on the armrest or the chair’s edge to push yourself while keeping most of your weight on your good leg and the walking cane.

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How to use a walking cane while climbing stairs?

Most people using a cane find it awkward to walk on a staircase. In order to safely navigate stairs with a cane, it is best to use the handle or other support that is present on the steps. When you have something to hold onto as support, it gives you an extra point of contact while you have one foot on the ground. If you have one strong leg and one weak leg, it is best to step up the stairs with your most reliable first, using it as an anchor. It will make sure you move your weaker leg and the walking stick forward simultaneously.

When you are walking downstairs, lead with your walking stick. The first step is to plant it ahead of you and then move your vehicle leg forward to the same level and follow it with their strong leg. It is best to practice at home by yourself or with someone if you’re worried about losing your balance. Basically, it is important to be extra cautious while ascending or descending the staircase.

These are some of the important things to remember while you are using a walking cane. Apart from this, you should always buy a good quality product from a reliable vendor to make sure it supports you while you are doing our various activities.


The best way to use a walking stick is to try it out. It might feel or sound complicated at first, but as soon as you start practicing, you will notice that it comes to you naturally when you work. Just follow the natural flow of your body in motion, and you are good to go. Additionally, make sure you have a reliable walking stick so that it does not wear off.

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