No handle on any stick of mine has been machine shaped. None of them have been hand carved by skilled craftsmen.  None of them have been added to a separate shank.

All of them are either just as they grew or have been slightly modified to ensure a comfortable grip.  All of them have been sanded to a very smooth finish, oiled and finished to give a lovely satin feel. 

The photographs underneath give an idea of how some handles look.  

Down many years stickmakers and stickdressing associations have given names to various shapes of handles.
Many Derryhick sticks have handles that closely resemble some of those handles… but only because nature produced them somewhat like such examples.  In such instances, my description of the sticks will refer to the nearest such formal name, e.g. ‘Grafton Knob’ like handle.
The sketches below show some of the traditional shapes and their names.