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handyman sticksApart from being a thing of beauty a walking stick can be a pretty useful companion which can support one when walking. It can be a very discreet form of personal protection. But for many people, it’s an icon of cultural heritage and has a special place in history. For instance, in Ireland a walking stick was frequently used for stickfighting  and was regarded as a vital weapon. These sticks were made of rough, heavy and knotty wood and could do serious damage to any person hit by one. Sometimes, some extra weight was added inside it to make it more destructive. 

Today, walking sticks are enjoying a renaissance in popularity.  Undoubtedly some of this is due to the growth of walking as a safe and healthy form of exercise.  But it is probably a reflection of the fact that a natural handmade walking stick looks good and has a distinctive charm.  There is a big demand for all handmade walking sticks.

Handmade walking sticks are in  demand because of their exclusiveness and traceability.  Although a certain procedure is followed to craft a handmade walking stick, there are never two exactly similar to each other. Consequently, the owner of a handmade walking stick can be assured of something unique.



  1. Order # 7969 made on March 3rd has not arrived…. Any way to track the order?

    • Hello Edward,

      I’ve only now noticed your message about non receipt of the walking stick – hence delay in responding.

      I posted the stick at 12.15pm on 5th March… receipt no. 3805. At this stage it would seem that the stick has been lost or stolen. Because the amount I charge for carriage does not always cover the actual cost, I don’t use the tracking facility so there is no way that I can have it investigated. I will replace the stick (do you want something similar?) but would appreciate if you could wait a few more days just in case! Let me know if this is acceptable to you, please.
      Sorry for any upset or disappointment caused through the non delivery.

      Best wishes.
      Paddy McGuinness

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