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Link Description


Promotes and encourages the craft of stickmaking.


Lots of informatin about the nearest town to Derryhick including an archive of wonderful photographs.
www.celticstickmakers.com Club dedicated to promoting stickmaking and to sharing skills, ideas and techniques of stickmakers.
www.stickmaker.com 25 years stickmaking.  Work is influenced by love of nature, natural materials and beauty of Mull.
www.thestickman.co.uk The Stickman makes and sells a large selection of sticks.  He supplies materials and books and hosts classes.
www.tkwalkingsticks.com Tom Kavanagh hand crafts sturdy and distinctive walking sticks, combining ancient and contemporary techniques.
www.walkingstickshop.co.uk Shop in West Sussex England sells walking sticks hiking staves, classic & traditional canes.
www.walkingandworkingsticks.co.uk Multi-talented artist, maker of traditional horn shepherds crooks, carved walking sticks and detailed bird carvings.
www.wrencountrysticks.co.uk Wren Country Sticks make and sell sticks specialising in shepherds crooks with ram and buffalo horn.
www.kywalkingstick.com Father and son enterprise making Kentucky Walking Sticks and Canes for many years.  Their sticks are very attractive.
www.eurocottage.ie Two Self-catering Holiday cottages on the shores of the Derryhick Lake, between Castlebar and Pontoon in Co. Mayo.
wwwwww.mayoangling.com Gillie and boat hire service for visiting anglers to Mayo
www.walkingsticksonline.co.uk Suppliers of all kinds of walking sticks and canes with more choice you can shake a stick at