Mature can reach a considerable height, sometimes as much as 140 feet. The bulk timber may be used for building construction and furniture as well as many utilitarian applications such as handles for spades, brooms, axes and workshop tools like chisels and hammers, even snooker cues. The wood has a distinctive open grain which provides excellent shock absorption for these purposes. Timber from the root section of mature trees is used to make hurleys (or camáns) which are used in one of the best field games in the world, i.e. hurling.
The greenish/grey bark is not particularly attractive but careful de-barking reveals some pleasing and interesting colours underneath. The combination of these colours and the rings left after flattening bud knots make for an interesting and attractive natural stick. A greatly prized walking stick is one which is made using the root as a handle. Here in Ireland such a stick is known as an ‘ash plant’.

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