Ivies are of major ecological importance for their nectar and fruit production, both produced at times of the year when few other nectar or fruit sources are available. The ivy bee is completely dependent on ivy flowers timing its entire life cycle around ivy flowering. The fruit are eaten by a range of birds, including thrushes, blackcaps and woodpigeons.

Ivy is rarely used for stickmaking for two very simple reasons. Firstly, it usually grows in a terribly knarled shape and it is difficult to find a piece of sufficient length to make a suitable shank. Secondly, it is rather soft in nature and a reasonably stout shank is needed before one could apply much weight on it. Nonetheless, it is worth persisting with searching for suitable shanks because, when the bark is stripped, a lovely speckled wood is revealed. Ivy sticks are rather more for collecting than for frequent use.
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