Thumbsticks or walking staffs are not part of regular stock at Derryhick Sticks.  This is probably because we regard the thumbstick as an exception to the norm in walking sticks in that the bottom end is thicker and heavier than the handle end.  However, occasionally, we come across a long shank which is suitable for finishing as either a thumbstick or a walking staff and finish them for those who like them.

This is a 44 inches Ivy staff.  It weighs a mere 9 ounces and would be suitable only to a user of petite stature.

There is another difficulty with thumbsticks and walking staffs… because of the prohibitive carriage costs of any parcel exceeding 39 inches in length, we sell them only to personal callers.  The cost of carriage in every case would be more than the price of the stick so it would not make any commercial sense to offer them to customers shopping on the internet… sorry.

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