This stick is a good example why Birch is such an ideal wood for stickmaking.  It has a nice comfortable totally natural handle and has a lovely contrast in colours between the warm, reddish brown hue on the unshaven parts of the shank and the  nicely spaced stripped knots.

The wood from Birch, which is pale brown, is soft and even grained. Good walking sticks can be made from Birch as the wood is both lightweight and strong. The sanded or shaved shanks respond nicely to finishing with linseed oil and polyurethane, for a high sheen finish, or danish oil if a mid sheen finish is selected.

All of our sticks can be customised to a specified length provided that its existing length is longer than your required length.  Guidelines for arriving at the optimum length for you are shown on our Choosing a Stick page.

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