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Weight 31.00 oz
Dimensions 46.00 × 1.35 in

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Hawthorn shares many of the qualities that make Blackthorn such a favourite, e.g. tough and hard wearing with frequent distinctive knots. When the outer bark is removed, a warm reddish brown underbark is exposed.

Hawthorn makes good quality walking sticks which are attractive, strong and hard wearing.

Quite unusual – a lengthy Hawthorn hiking staff.

Some good attributes of Hawthorn for stickmaking:

  1. Flexible and light but very tough
  2. Attractive under-bark and very nice grain
  3. Lots of knot buds add to appearance

I source all my sticks locally in an environmentally friendly way.  I season the sticks for a minimum of two years and finish each one by hand.

The dimensions shown under the Additional Information tab are in inches and ounces. The width is the measurement at the tip (bottom) of the stick. Any stick can be shortened to a specified length at no extra cost.

Guidelines for arriving at the optimum length for you are shown on the Choosing a Stick page.

Handmade walking sticks from Ireland. Native woods and natural finishes. “Designed by nature; Finished by hand”