Length: 43.50in
Width (at tip): 0.75in
Weight: 6.50oz
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Some hikers, trekkers and hill-walkers prefer to use a longer stick -(usually called a staff) – than the traditional walking stick/cane. Although I generally concentrate on making normal length sticks, I occasionally come across shanks which are long enough to be finished as staffs.

This is a nice light little staff… perfect for a leisurely hike… its light weight will never cause the user to tire!

n.b. Customers are advised that there can be an issue with staffs if the Post Office adheres strictly to rules about maximum length of packages. Generally, this does not happen but, when it does, there can be a stiff increase in the carriage charge applicable. Where the extra charge is more than I can reasonably absorb myself, I will check with the customer on whether to proceed with the order.