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Weight 12.50 oz
Dimensions 44.50 × 1.25 in

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Ivy sticks are not very strong and might be unsuitable to support for heavy owner. They are, nonetheless,  really lovely and full of charm.

The bark of Ivy is soft and fibrous and has to be completely removed when making a walking stick from the wood. Nonetheless, it is worth the trouble because, when the bark is stripped, a lovely speckled wood is revealed.

Many hikers, trekkers and hill-walkers prefer to use a longer stick -(usually called a staff) – rather than the traditional walking stick/cane.  Although I generally concentrate on making normal length sticks, I occasionally come across shanks which are long enough to be finished as staffs.

This is a rare and beautiful Ivy hiking staff – sure to be a conversational piece!

Ivies are of major ecological importance for their nectar and fruit production, both produced at times of the year when few other nectar or fruit sources are available. The ivy bee is completely dependent on ivy flowers timing its entire life cycle around ivy flowering. The fruit are eaten by a range of birds, including thrushes, blackcaps and woodpigeons.

The dimensions shown under the Additional Information tab are in inches and ounces. The width is the measurement at the tip (bottom) of the stick. Any stick can be shortened to a specified length at no extra cost.

All of my sticks are entirely handmade and have been sourced, seasoned and handcrafted by me.

My sticks are a bit different.  Why? 

  1. Firstly, like myself they may have little imperfections.
  2. Secondly, they may not be 100% straight or might even have the odd bump or lump.
  3. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, they do have character and charm!  And, in today’s robotic structured world, isn’t a little bit of individuality to be welcomed? 
  4. I source the material for my sticks locally in neglected thickets, along river banks and from hedges along little used ‘bóreens’. 
  5. I guarantee every stick as handmade, 100% Irish and totally traceable.


The enterprise is located in the beautiful and picturesque West of Ireland at Derryhick, County Mayo.

Handmade walking sticks from Ireland – made from native woods and finished with natural oils.  My slogan “Designed by nature; Finished by hand” accurately describes my stickmaking.