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Some hikers, trekkers and hill-walkers prefer to use a longer stick -(usually called a staff) – than the traditional walking stick/cane. Although I generally concentrate on making normal length sticks, I occasionally come across shanks which are long enough to be finished as staffs.

This one is a large Mountain Ash/Rowan hiking staff.

Mountain Ash is a very hardy native tree that can tolerate tough conditions, such as drought or cold. It has a white flower but is mostly known for its large clusters of bright red berries in the autumn. In the wild it is most often found on hills and/or rocky slopes.

Its growth pattern of multiple short branches means that it is difficult to get material suitable for stickmaking. This is a pity because it has a lovely bark which is somewhat similar to Hazel and responds well to careful sanding and varnishing.  Longer pieces, when found, make great hiking staffs.

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Dimensions Length 58.00 x Width at Tip 1.05 (in)
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