The Many Uses of a Walking Stick

The many uses of a walking stick that we see today show how fashions and perceptions change and evolve over time.
Traditionally, a walking stick was seen only as an aid for the old and infirm. Today, walking sticks are much loved companions for many, young and not so young, on their daily walks.
Nowadays, many regard a walking stick as an essential accessory when going for a walk or a longer hike. A walking stick offers support while walking. It is useful as a tool to make way through rough undergrowth. It offers protection against aggressive animals.
No longer are people viewed as aged or vulnerable if they use a walking stick. In fact, it is quite common for people to collect different walking sticks. Many are happy to boast about their collection(s)!
And, some of my walking sticks have featured in unexpected and unusual circumstances… see examples here!
The first picture catches the groom and his entourage of groomsmen on his big day. They proudly show off their distinctive Irish Blackthorn Shillelaghs from Derryhick Sticks. Might a Derryhick Stick become the essential different accessory for weddings?
The second picture is even more unique. It shows a group of people who have just completed the Exodus 90 program designed to help people with addiction problems. Each was presented with a Derryhick Sticks hiking staff by the group leader to mark their achievements.
My sticks have found many other unusual uses… there’s no limit to what can be done with a walking stick… maybe just our imagination needs challenging!

The many uses of walking sticks
All ready for the big occasion!

Unique additional reward for completion of Exodus 90 programme – a Derryhick Sticks hiking staff.