Lone Hawthorn- ‘Fairy tree’!

Hawthorn (also frequently called Whitethorn) is very common and can be found almost everywhere in the countryside. It is regularly used for fencing because it becomes almost impenetrable when kept clipped.

While the bark of the hawthorn is a featureless dark green, its heartwood is a nice reddish brown.  Because of this, most of our Hawthorn sticks are de-barked before finishing. It makes good quality walking sticks which are attractive,  strong and long lasting.

There are many superstitions about the hawthorn – most of them suggesting protection. The following verse is one such example: –

Beware of the oak -it draws the stroke:     

Avoid the ash – it courts flash:     

Creep under the thorn – it will save you from harm.


Simple leaves that are roughly as broad as they are long. They are small and deeply lobed, so that each leaf almost looks divided.

Hawthorn usually flowers in early Spring, this is known as ‘May Blossom’. The tree or bush is covered with a profusion of small, white flowers.

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