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Welcome to Derryhick Sticks

I produce natural walking sticks from a wide range of wood species, and I ship worldwide.

100% Irish

Guaranteed Handmade

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Why You Should Choose a Derryhick Stick

My natural walking sticks are different. Like myself, they may have little imperfections. They might not be 100% straight. They might even have the odd bump or lump. But… they do have character and charm! And, in today’s robotic structured world, isn’t a little bit of individuality to be welcomed?
A shank being de-barked

Fully Custom Crafted

All of the sticks are entirely my own work. They have been sourced, seasoned and handcrafted by me.

All Shapes & Sizes

My sticks range in length from 28” to 48” and from 0.50” to 1.5” in width. So, there is bound to be one to suit you!