Choosing the Best Stick for You

Selecting a stick from our range of over 250 sticks can be a daunting challenge.  So we list hereunder some of the things you might like to consider before making your decision.

1. Wood Type

Each different wood has its own distinctive characteristics ranging from color (with bark on, partly shaved or completely stripped), straightness, weight, etc.  The choice of wood species is nearly always a matter of personal preference.  Apart from displaying a separate photograph for every one of my sticks, I also give a brief description of each type of wood under ‘Wood Species’.  You may find the descriptions on the various pages helpful.

2. Handle

Under ‘Handles’ in ‘Glossary’ I display an extensive range of types of handles which are generally available on two piece sticks.  With my sticks such choice is not available… all of my sticks are one piece and the handle is no more than an enhanced version  of what nature has provided, i.e. sanded and shaped to give comfortable grip.  I strongly recommend, therefore, that you examine carefully the photograph of any stick you may wish to purchase.

3. Thickness/Weight

As in the case of the choice of Wood Species, so too is the selection of the thickness of your walking stick a matter of personal choice.  Some people will prefer the lightest while others will want a strong sturdy stick with a little more weight. 

4. Length

When the handle reaches the wrist bone, the walking stick is at the recommended length. Personally, I feel that this method results in the stick being a small bit short and I like to add an inch to the length arrived at through using this formula.

If the stick that you have decided to purchase  is longer than you require, you can have it shortened to the appropriate length.   The cost for such alteration is €5.00 but, if I’m in good form, I may waive the charge!  Any such customized stick may not be returned.

5. General

The information above should be regarded as a general guide and should not be taken as infallible.  For those people with mobility or other health issues it is essential that advice is sought from an appropriate medical professional.  My walking sticks are produced for leisure use only and should not be regarded as medical aids.

My walking sticks can be shortened but I am do not offer a service of adding extra length as the joint invariably becomes unstable with use. I do not accept responsibility for wrong measurements provided by the customer.
Walking sticks that have been cut at a customer’s request (re-sized) are not returnable.